The Time Mage

This is a story I’ve been writing, it’ll be available here and on several other sites so give it a go if you’re interested 🙂

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, this novel is now on indefinite hiatus. I’m thankful for all of you who’ve read what I have written so far and have left comments – it really has been great. Kason and friends may make a comeback someday, we shall have to see what the future holds.

The time mage front cover
A hypothetical front cover that I made


‘Kason Vale has lived in Selmore village all his life. Brought up in the shadows of the Blackwood, he has never seen much magic and is woefully lacking in knowledge of life outside the village. But that all changes when he begins his journey to Constantin’s 4th College for the Arcane Arts, one of the most prestigious centres for magical learning in the country, where he himself is to learn the mystic arts!

What awaits Kason?

He doesn’t know.

And as long as he gets to learn magic, he doesn’t really care either.’


You can also read this on these sites if you prefer:




If you want to see the original forms of chapters which have been taken out or combined with others during the editing process, then check out this link:
Chapter Archives


Table of Contents:
WARNING – ToC may not always be up to date

Chapter 1: Leaving Home

Chapter 2: Arrival

Chapter 3: Magic!

Chapter 4: Colour Changing Rings

Chapter 5: What A View!

Chapter 6: A Magical Map

Chapter 7: A Fight in the Coliseum

Chapter 8: Suddenly, Trees!

Chapter 9: Botanists and Books

Chapter 10: The Day Term Begins

Chapter 11: First Lesson

Chapter 12: Saturation and Tolerance

Chapter 13: The effects of ether

Chapter 14: A Tour of the Grounds

Chapter 15: The Stars at Midnight

Chapter 16: The Necklace

Chapter 17: The Tale of the ‘Breaker of Promises’

Chapter 18: The Trip with the Botanists

Chapter 19: The Invisible Man

Chapter 20: Into the Forest

Chapter 21: Earth Drake

Chapter 22: A Tense Escape

Chapter 23: The Apparition

Chapter 24: Outing Successful?

Chapter 25: Lost Pendant

Chapter 26: Introduction Fair

Chapter 27: Jerald’s Dilemma

Chapter 28: Before the Demonstration

Chapter 29: An Opportunity

Chapter 30: The Offer

Chapter 31: Return to the Forest

Chapter 32: Breakthrough

Chapter 33: The Young Questers’ society

Chapter 34: Challenge

Chapter 35: Professor Kinora

Chapter 36: The Professor’s Suggestion

Chapter 37: Tutoring

Chapter 38: History with a side of muscle pain

Chapter 39: Unusual Events

Chapter 40: Earth Shield

Chapter 41: Duel

Chapter 42: Chaos

Chapter 43: Strange Situation

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